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Mark R. Jones has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing capital funding strategies, with a proven track record of successfully launching and managing both large and small companies. Mark also has extensive experience in the creation and marketing of software products and digital photo printer processing, with several technology-related patents and trademarks. He also as earned a Series 63 securities license at age 22, building a successful career selling real estate and limited partnerships for Matanky Investments, Inc., in Chicago, IL.

Mr. Jones was asked to actively participate in crafting the JOBS Act, including the equity crowdfunding laws and regulations, and is Chairman of the International Crowd Funding Association. Mark has issued public comments for publication on several SEC small business symposiums on capital policy legislation.

Currently, Mark serves as an Advisor on the boards of many small companies, and is also the Founder of, an automated software platform unlike any other in the industry for organizing and streamlining capital raising efforts of companies, and investors, enabling them to stay abreast of all the changes and developments with their investments. Mark also provides his expertise as Chairman/CEO with Intelligent Ink, Inc., Pixel Wizard International, Inc., Super Rush DPO, and American Scandinavian Leasing Products, Inc., Express Yourself, Inc. and Best Beverage of Tampa Bay. He has also established numerous business relationships with internationally recognized firms, such as, Kodak, Sony Corporation of America, General Electric, the Marriott Hotels, Disney World Resorts, Microsoft, Wilson Sporting Goods, the NFL, MLB, NBA, and Brunswick Corp.

Mark R. Jones


Mr. Ablin, has a diverse and experienced background in many areas of business, as both an investor and a serial entrepreneur. It started with the same strong passion for making good things happen with everyday challenges that he holds dear and still practices today. Whether it’s a uniquely different idea, a game changer, or figuring out a better way of doing things, he is on it. His latest deep dive of energy is in the newest burgeoning capital markets and regulatory changes in 83 years: equity crowdfunding. Recently approved by congress and implemented in 2016, this new market will prove to be the best thing to help the average person who desires or needs to raise capital to either launch a new start-up business, service or product; or to simply obtain additional financing to grow their business to the next level of success. Mr. Ablin has directed his personal portfolio of diversified companies in various industries including real estate, industrial parts manufacturing, technology and intellectual property development and construction. Today he runs his own private asset management company. He has over thirty years of diversified and comprehensive experience in all facets of the real estate industry; working as a Broker, Broker Associate, Principal, Investor, Property Manager and Financier dealing in commercial, industrial, multi-residential income, single family residential, automotive, land, shopping centers, office complexes, and various other types of investments. As a licensed real estate broker in California, he also operates his own real estate brokerage and investment companies. He has the purchases of hundreds of properties over the past few decades to his credit. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Bakersfield. Today, he concentrates his talents and skills on helping others, by applying his many years of experience and know-how to their dreams or challenges to achieve prosperity. He believes the best way of giving back and having a positive and lasting impact on future societies of America is by inspiring and motivating young minds through better educational channels and methodologies; namely enlightening them with the wonders for their own minds and the vast potential that lies within all of them. Role modeling & coaching, refining skillsets, establishing technology proficiencies, hands-on relevant real life experiences, business and mental modeling, developing nimble thinking and communicative skills, collaboration & cooperation, coupled with old fashioned encouragement from wherever sourced is all it takes to change the quality of many lives and families.

Tim Leary, is a seasoned entrepreneur with 35+ years marketing, sales and financial experience in high-growth public and private companies. Mr. Leary began his career as an analyst with Catalyst Ventures, the first seed venture capital incubator in Silicon Valley, spawning technologies that are now the grandparents of today’s cell phone GPS systems to robotics to consumer technologies. Mr. Leary’s core competency is aligning strategy and tactics to geometrically accelerate sales. As EVP of Worldwide Marketing and Sales for Expert Software, Mr. Leary oversaw the Expert Software brand from start-up to $80M in annual revenue, a successful public offering and later sale to Activision, Inc. As VP Marketing for Silicon Systems, Mr. Leary repositioned the company as a leader in industrial-grade solid state storage, driving revenue to $65M and a profitable sale to industry data storage leader, Western Digital. Mr. Leary serves on many advisory boards helping businesses grow, raise capital and plan their exit strategy.

Tim Leary
Principal Consultant


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